Dechen Buddhist Centres

Dechen is an international association of Sakya and Karma Kagyu Buddhist centres founded by Lama Jampa Thaye.

In Dechen we are able to receive a complete training in Buddhist meditation based on the timeless teachings of the Buddha.

We welcome those who are interested in finding out about Buddhism without making any commitment. All our centres and groups offer a regular programme of introductory classes open to all.  

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Main Dechen Buddhist Centres

Dechen London: Sakya Buddhist Centre
Manchester, UK  - Kagyu Ling
Bristol, UK  - Sakya Thinley Rinchen Ling
Harrogate, UK - Kagyu Dechen Dzong
Los Angeles, USA  - Sakya Samten Ling
Mexico City - Sakya Dolma Ling
Stuttgart, Germany - Sakya Dechen Ling
Le Bugue, Dordogne, France - Sakya Changlochen Ling

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