Dechen Buddhist Community

Shakyamuni  Buddha

Shakyamuni Buddha

We are a diverse group of practising Buddhists committed to making authentic Buddhist training accessible to everyone.  We are lay practitioners, which means we have jobs, friends and family, but all seeking to benefit ourselves and others through practising the teachings of the Buddha.

Teachings by Lamas

Buddhist masters frequently give teachings at our centres, as it is through receiving the authentic teachings of the Buddhist tradition that we can follow in the footsteps of our Tibetan and Indian forebears and practice the Buddhist path.  We receive guidance from Buddhist teachers on how to apply the teachings to our own circumstances and to clarify our understanding and experiences.

Authentic Buddhist Teachings for the West

It is our view that the teachings of the Buddha do not need to be re-invented for modern times.   We believe that Westerners should have the opportunity to receive the same teachings and practices that have been transmitted and practised for the last 2,500 years. 


Classes to Introduce Buddhism and Buddhist Meditation

Through knowledge and experience gained from our Buddhist training, we provide introductory classes at all our centres and groups. These are open to all who are interested in exploring Buddhist teachings and simple meditation techniques to find out if they may be helpful in their lives.  

Anyone with an interest in finding out about Buddhism or simply its meditation methods is always welcome to our classes without any sense of commitment. No previous knowledge of Buddhism or experience of meditation of any kind is required.